Best Poster Printing Service

The printing service sector is one of the most important components of nowadays society life – neither business will go right without it. Starting from the simplest document printing to creating the custom vinyl banner to making aluminum signs– there are just a few things modern printing services can successfully perform. Moreover, printed photos are rapidly gaining popularity again, like it was around twenty years ago, so printing services are in demand too.

However, the best poster printing service must provide customers not only with high-quality printed photographs, but they also have to offer a wide range of printing options – affordable and qualitative. A great poster printing service lets a customer choose the size, material, suitable type of delivery, and printing method. Modern poster printing services stand out by the opportunity to place client’s custom orders – whether it will be a film poster or adhesive vinyl banner. As it turns out, the best poster printing service is usually multifunctional, offers a good price, uses quality materials, and ensures the fastest delivery.

1. POSTER PRINT CENTER: the best service for a large format printing in San-Francisco

Poster print center is a great printing service for your wide format orders providing a big range of materials available for printing, included non-conventional ones. You can easily order even an outdoor vinyl banner up to 10ft wide and over 40ft long.
The poster print center offers high-quality eco-friendly materials on which the customer orders can be depicted – from the substrates like Falcon to latex inks. Nonetheless, if it is needed, the service will print the order on the non-traditional materials, like foam core or gator board, sounds great, isn’t it?
The company provides customers with a true same-day service, which means you will get your order on the same day as you have done it. However, this service doesn’t cover all the products available for printing – only selected products can be delivered straight in the same day, including adhesive vinyl, floor graphics, vinyl banners, wallpaper, and so on. The benefit is an opportunity to deliver your order throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, but an option of shipping all around the world is not available.
Poster print center helps clients with installing the orders – displays, large-format posters, vinyl banners or vehicle wraps will be installed successfully without any hassle. An adhesive vinyl in the largest size available on the website (of course, you can order a custom size) will cost you around $112.00. And for a custom aluminum sign in average size, you will need to pay around $90.00.
Whether you want to get a wide format printing, then the Poster print center will be a nice helper. Keep in mind that you will need to pay some more since a company provides printing on special eco-friendly materials and ensures the big formats. Still, you will get excellent quality too!

2. Find The Solution For Your Full-color Process Printing With Digitek

Digitek, a commercial printing facility, offers to users a great range of various printing services, including large format, offset, and letterpress printing solutions as well as printing solutions for marketing purposes. Digitek promises to provide the highest quality and fastest fulfillment of orders.
You can order digital printing since the service ensures customers with an opportunity to deal with the marketing orders, like advertisement brochures, booklets, and so on. Besides, there is an option to get offset printing that is considering one of the rare and high-quality methods of printing. The raised thermography inks, as well as Pantone colors, are also accessible for your printed orders, so be sure you will get the full-colored printing turnaround.
Digitek offers affordable high-quality printing with an opportunity to deliver at any point of the world, not only in the San-Francisco area. Such an option is not available in every printing service, so it is a great benefit too.
The same-day delivery covers only some products from the catalog, similar to the Poster Print Center. This type of delivery applies exceptionally to the digitally printed products available on the website. However, you can request the same-day delivery option to your offset printing order as well.
When it comes to the price, you will have to pay around $41 for digital color booklets, but the same-day delivery will cost you another $10. It is worth paying some more since the company provides truly great color solutions for your order.
Digitek is a great variant for your color or marketing printing, providing an option of same-day and world delivery. Of course, these types of delivery will be a little expensive, but be sure you pay for the high quality.

What Is A Printing Service?

A printing service usually goes for a process of creating the printed or copied materials in a copy or digital format. Such services can also offer to clients printing and distribution of business cards, envelopes, booklets, postcards, flyers, catalogs, magazines, restaurant menus, etc. 

Nowadays, printing co-operations are not limited to only these services, but individual customs are also available. The range of up-to-date printing orders includes making and installation of vinyl banners, floor or wall graphics, wallpapers, canvas, foam core and gator board posters, Falcon board posters, and many others.

Today, the printing service business quickly becomes a truly ultimate industry. The printing area serves our society with the most different services, including press, marketing, and business spheres. If you look around, you notice that so many things are made thanks to printing service – from books to magazines and menus in cafes. Apart from that, printing services now are extremely develop to provide clients with more advanced printing options.

What Is Digital Printing?

When it comes to digital printing, the first thing that goes different is the use of high-resolution digital files for producing quality pictures on paper. Compared to offset printing, which is considering the traditional printing method, digital printing doesn’t utilize the huge metal sheets that hold the image. It is a great solution for producing the higher quantities of printing items, and at the same time be sure you will get an advanced quality of the copies.

Nevertheless, the digital printing method has other great benefits in comparison with outdated ones. First, you can easily order small quantities, and herewith don’t spend a lot of money. Customers often refer to offset printing since it can produce a larger number of copies ordered, but it will cost more too. Besides, digital printing usually offers more flexibility to customer’s orders – you can order printing different data on each page without any hassle. Finally, the digital printing service provides customers with a faster outcome since such services needed less equipment to function successfully.

What Does Poster Print Mean?

A poster printing means the creation of large format posters, usually printed on high-resolution color stock. In most cases, the posters go for special orders since they are perfect for business promotions and advertisements. The poster may be printed on any material you need – vinyl, paper, canvas, etc. In addition, they can be easily printed on a UV-resistant stock, mounted, or laminated as well. Poster printing provides a high color definition as well as a wide spectrum of sizes. Of course, poster printing is the greatest solution for your customized poster order.

Poster prints are perfect for clients who need to get their orders fast and require large printing runs. If your business needs to get a high volume of placards, then turnaround time and cost play here an important role. In addition, printed posters are long-lived since you can easily frame them and keep away from the bad influence of light. Posters are also easy to ship by rolling them up in the tubes, so be sure poster prints are the best variant for the fulfillment of your own ideas!

What Are Posters Used For?

Modern printed posters are created for different purposes – with their attractive design, customers are more likely to pay attention to the information represented. Posters are quite an effective tool to make an influence on clients that explains their popularity in our society. Let’s discover the main areas they are used for:

1. Advertisement

Posters are a great solution for marketing and advertising since they have an eye-catching design. No wonder that they are usually located in public places, like bus stops and shopping malls – printed posters are easily increasing social awareness and encouraging customers to purchase.

2. Education

Educational posters often represent a visual addition to the particular idea\conception – that’s why they are widely used for assistance in the speech or lecture. However, the design of such posters must be elaborated right since the wrong design aspect may have the wrong impact on customers. Choose a light arrangement in combination with the most informative text.

3. Information

Some posters are made for an informative purpose, which means they have to bring to the audience a certain message. Informative posters must be elaborated in the way that customers will stop and read the represented idea, so a correctly selected design plays here a big role too.

4. Motivation

Motivational posters are helpful while the inspiration of audience. They often consist of quotations from famous people to motivate society to act, be strong or follow morale.

5. Visual aspect

There are a few posters that are responsible exceptionally for the aesthetic side. In other words, aesthetic posters bring to the audience visual joy rather than any informative or educational conception. Such posters often decorate the apartments, and they are valued for a great ornamental aspect as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Print A Poster?

A quite popular question among customers is how much does it cost to print a poster. In fact, great poster printing services should provide clients with high-quality stock and different sizes available, including custom-size for posters. Of course, the exact cost for your order depends on many factors, like material, size, quantity, and delivery. Still, we can talk about an average price on a market.

For example, if you order a poster in a standard size 24“x36“printed on the paper stock, you will need to pay around $47. Nonetheless, gloss or matte laminate go for accordingly $60 and $67. Whether you want to get advanced protection of your poster, you will need a crystal laminate for $87. A mounting, foam core, or gator board, will cost you another $21 or $42.

Next, you have to deal with poster shipping – it depends on your location and package’s weight. The packaging of a poster is also important – a tube for a rolled poster will be cheaper than shipped flat between cardboard sheets. Oversea delivery goes much expensive as well.

On average, a matte laminate poster in a standard size 24“x36“ mounted on foam core with delivery in the tube will cost you around $120. You need to understand that any additional advanced options for your poster order will be more expensive, however, it is worth doing in most cases since you firstly pay for the quality.

How Long Does Poster Printing Take?

Once again, a poster printing time depends on various factors, like poster size and type of delivery. Moreover, your order delivery time may be delayed due to the complexity of the task or whether the order must go through some process to be completed. In that case, one finishing option will have to wait until another processing will be done.

The best poster printing services online ensure customers with an opportunity to get same-day delivery, although this option usually doesn’t cover all the products from the catalog. Whether the order requires some finishing options, delivery time often takes around 48 hours. Of course, if you ordered a large batch of production, you will need to wait for several days.

What Poster Printing Sizes Are Available?

Actually, there is no one universally used standard poster size. Each printing service offers its own list of sizes available – in most cases, it firstly comes for A4-A0 poster sizes, then certain sizes measured in inches and custom sizes. Here are the most common sizes used for poster printing:

1)    Small

The small size for poster printing has 11×17 inches – almost as an A4 sheet of paper, but looking truly like a poster. This poster size is perfectly suitable for event announcements or indoor advertisements, with its miniature poster dimensions. Such small posters best work when placed at the level of the human eye.

2)    Medium

18×24 inches go for medium size for printed posters, and they are widely used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Moreover, such poster dimensions are considering the best solution for framing, so be sure you will frame your placard without any hassle. Medium-sized posters are great for a movie announcement on a small scale, too.

3)    Large

Large poster size has the dimensions of 24×36 inches – this is a universal size used for original poster printing. Poster in large size are more likely to attract customer’s attention, but it is needed to place the center of a poster at the eye-level. Keep in mind that a large poster size will suit well for any design conception, so you can easily create an exceptional poster and get the desired result.

4)    Standard Movie Poster Size

In fact, the film industry has a few common sizes for official movie posters. The first size goes for 27×40 inches – its other common name is one-sheet size. This size of movie announcement is widespread in the theaters. Another standard movie poster dimensions have 40×60 inches – such size is most likely to appear at public transport stops.

What Are The Different Types Of Poster Printing?

Nowadays, there are two main types of poster printing that can be successfully used for commercial, advertising, or any other purpose. It includes:

Digital Poster Printing

This type of printing means that the ink will be given to the charge while the printing process. Then, the charge itself will direct to the place placed on the stock that is used. A digital method of poster printing will perfectly suit orders in small quantity, providing the fastest turnaround and great quality.

 Lithographic Poster Printing

A lithographic method of poster printing determines the process of printing at the expanse of large steel plates with color ink. This type of poster printing is suitable for the large circulations of the posters due to the opportunity to print high-quality single-color placards.

Apart from the traditional types of poster printing, there are some customized poster printing options available in the majority of modern printing services. These options usually go for the better protection of your poster from external factors as well as the ability to choose suitable poster covering.


A matte poster printing provides less possibility of appearing the light reflection, so your poster will look strict and fine. Keep in mind, that the matte solution for your poster may mute some colors.

Crystal laminate

This option will make your poster looking expensive and valued, so refer to the crystal lamination whether you are sure you will bring a placard to an exhibition. Crystal laminate provides super hard material with a textured surface – the colors will be allowed to shine through and at the same time won’t cause a glare.

High gloss

A poster executed in a high gloss technique will have the most attractive and vivid colors. However, they are most likely to produce glares from various light.


The semi-gloss printing option goes for a wide range of colors available, including Pantone colors for printing. At the same time, it is ideal for posters since this method ensures the reduction of a possible glare as well as provides less noticeable fingerprints on the surface.

Can I Print My Own Posters?

Of course, you can print your own poster at home but with a condition, you have a large format printer. Follow the next simple steps to produce an ideal own poster and herewith keep money in your wallet!

1)     Refer to the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color spectrum rather than RGB (red, green, and blue) color space. Keep in mind that CMYK color space gives you more understanding of how your colors will look after a printing process. Go for Photoshop for switching the color spectrum to CMYK.

2)     Large-format printing requires the vectors in your poster design. So, make sure you have enough vectors – use Adobe Illustrator for this purpose.

3)     Your poster needs to have the right resolution – it is usually 300 dots per inch (DPI). Use Photoshop to set up the dots per inch in your poster model to reach a high resolution and, as a result, a high image quality. 

4)     Choose your paper stock and consider the poster size. The common great solution for poster printing is A2-A4 format, and Gloss Art FSC or 170gsm Silk for a paper.

5)     Transfer your file to a PDF format.

6)     For your home printing, use a pre-print poster check to make sure everything is going right. Use InDesign to solve any issues with your poster just straight before printing.

7)     Print a file with your large-format printer. However, whether you don’t have a piece of printing equipment but have a prepared file for print, go for a digital poster printing service – it will be the cheapest and the fastest way to print your own poster. Nonetheless, you can always apply to the lithographic printing service, but this method will be a little expensive and takes more time to complete your order.

Can I Turn Photos Into Posters?

This question is also common among the people willing to create their own posters. You can easily turn your photographs into unique placards by following the next useful tips.

·        You need to consider what photos you want to print on a poster and how many – choose one main image or go for a photo collage. Besides, you have to deal with the photo format for your future poster – the best solution is a PDF.

·        Select a suitable poster size from the range offered. Think twice about the sizes since they must be perfectly matched to your image. Read about poster sizes above to find the best size solution.

·        Get your poster design by adding text, colors, effects, fonts, other pictures, etc. Give free rein to your imagination and get your unique poster!

To sum up, the best poster printing service has to stand out at the expanse of affordable prices, high-quality stocks and materials, and great printing equipment. They have to fulfill the custom orders, even if it is a large-format vinyl banner. Want to get to know some more? Read reviews on our website.